Gypsy Soul Tales: A Solo Flight to Plaridel

Ever since i was a kid, i have always wondered what it felt like travelling alone. Lately, i have been reading a lot of articles about how travelling alone is actually good for the soul. It makes you know yourself more, allows you to be more observant of the culture and people in different places. Thus, it makes you ponder and improve yourself for the better.

This mid-year, i havent really had the chance to travel alone but what i have experienced was a solo flight. My mom booked the flight for me bound for Ozamis last last week under Philippine Airlines. My flight was scheduled at 5 am, and being the kind of not-so-morning-person i am, i have to admit that i kind of struggled to catch my flight.

I packed all my baggages only the night before my flight so i had to be quick in order to gain enough sleep. I have gone through a lot of hassle that day because i had to pack my things for our new apartment in the morning & also, i just took my last exam in the afternoon. I was really in a rush, i tell you.

So anyway, i set my first alarm at 1:30 am but ended up awake at 2 am. I have been sleep deprived since forever. My Kuya Allan drove me to the airport at around 3 am; and at around 3:30 am, i have already managed to check in.



I was a bit early for my flight though, so i had to sit and wait for a few minutes along with the other passengers. I also had to go somewhere and buy some food because well, i havent eaten breakfast yet since i was really in a hurry. I bought some french toast for myself and a bottle of drinking water. (Damn, the food in the airport are really expensive; so i suggest you bring your own snacks when you are about to travel)

At around 4:40 am, they were already heading us into the plane. Good thing my mom requested a seat beside the window for me for she knows how much i love looking out the window even inside the car. However, when i opened up the window prior to the plane’s takeoff, it’s still too dark to see anything.



The plane took off at exactly 5 am. (I love how PAL is always on time, btw) And at around 5:30 am, the sun was already rising. My original plan was to sleep during the short plane ride but believe me when i say the sunrise looked so marvelous up there it made my sleepiness drift away.

10426146_943687878984906_3850895469081168330_n 11407271_943687678984926_5811760165408176655_n

When the sun was already high enough to blind us with its rays, the passengers, including me, kind of decided to close the windows.

During that plane ride though, i have met a new friend and his name’s Jacob. Judging from the way he looked, i think he’s at his early 20’s. I actually was about to sleep when he suddenly initiated some conversation so yeah, i kind of had no choice but to talk back lols. He said he’s about to visit his dying (from cancer) mom in the province, and he’s very excited but sad at the same time. He was also having a solo flight. We talked about more things and after exchanging stories with him, i think he’s a nice guy. A family-oriented, optimistic guy. And i am actually glad our paths came across.

The plane landed on Ozamis Airport at 6:45 am and i have to say, looking outside the window made me feel very eccentric the moment i started seeing a lot of coconut trees and farmlands. Like, A LOT. My mom was already there along with some of our relatives, waiting for me. I waited for my baggage until it was ready to be claimed then immediately ran outside the airport and gave my greetings. They were really happy to see me, and i was really glad to see them too.

Just a segue though, i was able to see the actor Aljur Abrenica in the airport!!! I am not really a fan, but well, he’s undeniably gorgeous in person


My cousin Joshua helped me put my things in the car and in a few minutes, we were en route to my mom’s hometown.

Looking outside the car, with the windows down and the fresh air stroking my face, my heart felt really giddy to finally be back to the place where i spent sometime of my childhood. I was very eager to meet my grandpa too. Everything was just too exciting.

We spent almost 2 hours on the road before we finally reached the house. The minute we arrived, they headed me into my room. I felt really nostalgic and honored upon entering it.


So um, to end this, even though i was in so much hassle and sleep deprivation, i can say it was utterly worth it. It was such a wonderful experience.

Will be blogging about my first day in Plaridel, Misamis Occidental soon, so stay tuned! Til my next tale!