Losing Man’s Best Friend

Today, i woke up with heaviness in my heart. This was the day ive been dreading the last couple of days, the day i would lose a part of me forever. I was prepared. I knew the reality of the situation, but i guess you could say i wasnt ready to accept it. The selfish side of me would probably say i would never be ready to accept it. He was my best friend, the one being that gave me unconditional love at every hour of the day, expecting nothing in return, but, he was suffering too much to keep him going any longer. Today, i lost my beloved dog, Igor.

Igor was one of the greatest gifts one could ever ask for, and i feel forever grateful to my uncle. He had given me the best years of my life by giving me my Igor. Anyone who was lucky enough to have met Igor knows just how extraordinary he was. He was more that just a dog, for he has a human heart. But, just like how all great and wonderful things end, the day had to come where Igor had to cross the rainbow bridge. It was heart-wrenching to see my him deteriorate the way he did because, like most dog owners can probably attest to, he didn’t deserve to suffer. He didnt deserve to go deaf, he didnt deserve to get cloudy eyes, and he most definitely didnt deserve to nearly lose his ability to walk.

No matter the pain Igor was feeling, he always put my life first until the very end. Tonight, i will go to bed looking forward to hearing his bark in the morning, but i will find comfort in knowing he’s no longer in pain. It seems impossible to imagine a world without Igor, but the memory of him will never fade. He has had my heart for 16 wonderful years, and he’ll have it for an infinity more. The fact that he died on a National Heroes’day means a lot. He truly is one hell of a hero. I love you always and forever, my Igor.